The objectives

             1. Efficiency mechanism for conducting the consumer protection;
          2. Efficiency laws relating to the consumer protection;
          3. Ally networks conduct the consumer protection efficiently;
          4. People have knowledge and understanding in consumer's rights;
          5. People are able to access the information benefiting for selecting and purchasing goods or service;
          6. Efficiency in the organization management, and using modern information technology in relation to consumer protection;
          7. Personnel have knowledge and ability catching up with the situation.
       The Office of the Consumer Protection Board under the Secretariat of the Prime Minister has been established in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act B.E. 2522 as amended by the Consumer Protection Act (No.2) B.E. 2541. At the present, article 20 of the Act has stipulated the powers and duties of the Office of the Consumer Protection Board as follows:
       (1) to receive complaints from the consumer who suffer hardship or injury resulting from the acts of the business operator for further submission to the Board;

       (2) to follow up and scrutinize actions of the business operator who may do anything infringing the consumer's right, and arrange for testing or verifying any goods or services as it think proper for the protection of the consumer's right;
       (3) to encourage or conduct the study and research on the problem concerning the consumer protection with other academic institutions and other agencies;

       (4) to promote and encourage the providing of education for the consumers at all levels on safety and harm possibly arising from the goods or service;
       (5) to disseminate technical knowledge and provide education to consumer in order to instill the consumption habit in promoting health, and economically utilize natural resources;

       (6) to co-operate with the government body or authorities having the power and duty in relation to controlling, promoting, or prescribing the standard of goods or services;

       (7) to perform any other acts as entrusted by the Board or the ad hoc committees.