How does the OCPB help the consumer?

The OCPB receives complaints from the consumer who suffer hardship or injury resulting from the acts of the business operator for submitting it to the Consumer Protection Board for further consideration and proceeding. Every consumer being disadvantaged or injury from any product or service can make the complaint at the Office of the Consumer Protection Board, the Government House, Bangkok 10300 by sending letter to P.O. Box 99, Bangkok 10300 or coming by himself/herself or by telephone hotline number 1166. Making complaint, and cooperating in the investigation, as well as, making notification to OCPB are the consumer’s rights which he/she should do. Additionally, it will stimulate the business operator to realize and reduce the advantage taking to be lower in some level. The most important thing is that this will help OCPB know the consumer’s problems in order that it can extremely help the consumer. In this regard, OCPB has established the Division of Consumer Protection on Advertisement, the Division of Consumer Protection on Labels, and the Division of Consumer Protection On Contract, to be directly responsible in helping the consumer. Please keep in mind that you do not need tolerant of product danger or the advantage taking by the business operator. Every consumer has the right of protection.
The OCPB follows up and scrutinizes actions of the business operator who may do anything infringing the consumer’s right, and arrange for testing or verifying any goods or services as it thinks proper for the protection of the consumer’s right due to much offering of the products and services to the consumers which it continually increases with applying new marketing and advertising techniques for sales promotion. Generally, the consumer don’t know the market situation and the fact of the product’s quality and price accurately, therefore, OCPB need to play the role in following and scrutinizing the business operator’s action, as well as, proceeding the test and verification occasionally to help the consumer receive fairness.
The OCPB encourages and conducts the study and research on the problem concerning the consumer protection with other academic institutions and other agencies in order to help the consumer pertinent to the problem and the need. The previous examples are the study of the information concerning the use of herbicide, and the survey relating to the attitude of the consumer protection, etc.
The OCPB promotes and encourages the providing of education for the consumers at all levels on safety and harm possibly arising from the goods or service. The consumer should know and understand the problems and the ways of protection or avoidance in order that the consumer can primarily protect himself/herself in addition to the government’s help. Therefore, such promotion and encouragement in providing of education for the consumers at all levels is an importance duty of OCPB.
The OCPB disseminates technical knowledge and provide education to consumer in order to instill the consumption habit in promoting health, and economically utilize natural resources of the country. The OCPB has working unit i.e. Public Relations Division which is directly responsible to the works on regularly distributing technical knowledge benefiting to the consumer through newspaper, radio, and television, as well as, document, article, and news from OCPB to the interested person for free. This will enhance the consumer to have basic knowledge in daily life, whereby, OCPB will mostly use easy words for the distributed technical knowledge for easily understanding.
The OCPB co-operates with the government body or authorities having the power and duty in relation to controlling, promoting, and prescribing the standard of goods or services, especially for consumer goods. The OCPB has working units i.e. Consumer Protection On Advertisement Division, Consumer Protection On Labels Division, and Consumer Protection On Contract Division which are responsible to the works on co-operating with government body or other authorities in relation to consumer protection for safety, and receiving fairness from the purchase of goods or service as follows: - Hazardous products such as dyeing color mixed food, and impure food; - Unsafe product such as vegetation and fruit with herbicide residue. It will co-operate with Ministry of Public Health, especially Food and Drug Administration to investigate the fact and proceed the appropriate actions; - Under Standard Products such as non-genuine oil, and imitated products; - Unfair Products such as selling product over the stipulated price, and using fake weighing and measuring equipment. It will co-operate with Department of Internal Trade, Department of Commercial Registration, and the police officer of Economic Crime Investigation Division in order to investigate, arrest, and take legal proceedings; - Services advantage taking, product or service with advertisement being false or exaggerated, product with cheat label. Additionally, the Consumer Protection Board will stipulate the measurement for conducting such products or services, while, OCPB has the duty to follow up and scrutinize the business operator’s action always.
The OCPB performs any other acts as entrusted by the Board and the ad hoc committees, especially notifying or advertising the news pertinent to the product or service, which may cause the injury or damage to the consumer’s right. It may specify the name of such product or service, or the name of the business operator. Additionally, OCPB co-operates and expedite the government officer and other government agencies to proceed the actions in compliance with their authorities prescribed by the laws. In other word, it can be said that OCPB is the consumer’s representative in co-operating and expediting the competent government agencies to proceed the actions for protecting the consumer’s interest. Finally, the OCPB has Legal Division which is responsible for legal matters, and enables to take legal proceedings, both in civil and criminal, against the offender infringing the consumer’s right as entrusted by the Board, and also to claim property or compensation at consumer’s request.