Name list of the entrepreneur which prosecuted by Consumer Protection Board (Page 46)

25 ธ.ค. 2562

Year of 
Name of Entrepreneur Cause of the lawsuit
Amount of
injured person
28 February 2017 SparSha Slimming Center The consumer requested for fairness. 1
27 February 2017 The Ernest Group Co., Ltd. The staff persuaded the consumer to purchase the packages and paid 20,000 baht. During that time, the Ernest was not completed construction but the staff claimed that the consumer can use the service. Later she contacted to access the service, the staff informed that was not completed construction. 1
24 February 2017 True Spa Co., Ltd The consumer made a contract to apply for a membership. The consumer purchased the package and accessed the service sometimes. So the consumer’s package is remained the surplus. Later it was ceased operation. For this reason, the consumer requested OCPB to mediate for refund from this company. 1
23 February 2017 The Ernest Group Co., Ltd. The consumer purchased the packages and the staff informed the cloinic will be opened in December 2016 at The Crystal Park. In 2017 the clinic was not opened and cannot contact the staff. When she called at The Crystal Park, they told this clinic reserve this area but no paid for area reservation. 1

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